Start With Serious SQL

Start by building a strong data foundation

Learn SQL by doing through multiple realistic end to end case studies that closely represent actual projects and tasks performed in a data analytics role in the following domains:

  • Health analytics
  • Marketing analytics
  • People analytics
  • Financial markets
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Digital marketing

    Topics Covered

    Cover many core SQL skills and techniques required for data analysis from beginner to advanced levels including:

  • Where filters and ordering data
  • Group by aggregates
  • Identifying and dealing with duplicate data
  • Common table expressions and subqueries
  • Summary statistics
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Complex table joins
  • Entity relationship diagrams
  • SQL reverse engineering
  • Data problem solving techniques
  • Window functions
  • Case When Statements
  • Recursive CTEs
  • Cumulative aggregates
  • Simple, weighted and exponential moving metrics
  • Historical vs Snapshot data analysis techniques
  • Temp tables and views
  • Optimise execution plans
  • String transformations
  • Regular Expressions
  • Datetime manipulation
  • Insert and load raw data
  • Table schemas and data types

    Additional Bonus Content

  • Gain familiarity with popular programming tools such as Docker, Markdown, GitHub and the command line interface (CLI)
  • Learn how to setup your own GitHub Pages project portfolio page with a guided step-by-step guide
  • Full access to solutions for all 8 Week SQL Challenge case studies with explanations and further exercises

    Course Setup

    All database and SQL interface infrastructure are Docker based with detailed instructions to install WSL2 and Docker Desktop on Windows and quickstart guides for Mac and Linux systems.

    Installation and setup of all required databases and systems is fast and runs on all machine types that support Docker Desktop including Windows, Ubuntu and all Macs including the latest generation of Apple M1 Macs.

    Serious SQL is normally priced at $49 USD but is now on sale for a limited time!

    For student pricing or any further questions please reach out directly to [email protected]
  • Serious SQL

    Course Curriculum

    • 01


      • Welcome to Serious SQL

      • Course Outline

      • Docker Installation

      • SQL Environment Setup

    • 02

      Data Exploration

      • Select & Sort Data

      • Record Counts & Distinct Values

      • Identifying Duplicate Records

      • Summary Statistics

      • Distribution Functions

      • Summary

      • Health Analytics Mini Case Study

      • Case Study Quiz

    • 03

      Marketing Analytics Case Study

      • Case Study Introduction

      • Case Study Overview

      • Understanding the Data

      • SQL Reverse Engineering

      • Introduction to Table Joins

      • Joining Multiple Tables

      • SQL Problem Solving

      • Window Functions

      • Final SQL Scripting Solution

      • Marketing Analytics Quiz

      • Optional Window Functions Quiz

    • 04

      People Analytics Case Study

      • Case Study Overview

      • Understanding the Data

      • Creating Reusable Data Assets

      • Snapshot and Historic Data

      • Final Case Study Solution

      • Quiz 1: Current Employee Analysis

      • Quiz 2: Employee Churn

      • Quiz 3: Management Analysis

    • 05

      Additional SQL Techniques

      • String Transformations

      • [Coming Soon!] Date & Time Conversions

      • [Coming Soon!] Table Indexes & Optimization

      • [Coming Soon!] Data Types & Loading External Data

    • 06

      8 Week SQL Challenge

      • Case Study #1 - Danny's Diner

      • Case Study #2 - Pizza Runner

    • 07

      Bonus Content

      • [Coming Soon!] SQL Interview Questions

      • [Coming Soon!] SQL Case Study Assessments

      • [Coming Soon!] SQL Portfolio Projects

      • Linux Command Line Crash Course

      • GitHub Crash Course

      • [Coming Soon!] Personal Branding Tips