Start With Serious SQL

Start by building a strong data foundation

Learn SQL best practices as you solve business problems using data from various domains including healthcare, marketing and people analytics.

Develop your SQL skills and complete challenging case studies in a realistic SQL environment and learn how to start your very own project portfolio using GitHub Pages.

All-inclusive lifetime access covers:
  • All course content and case studies with quizzes
  • Growing library of SQL portfolio projects
  • Example SQL interview questions
  • GitHub quick start guide
  • Linux Command Line Interface crash course
  • Personal branding tips and tricks
  • Exclusive career mentoring opportunities

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  • Serious SQL

    Course Curriculum

    • 01


      • Welcome to Serious SQL

      • [Tutorial] Welcome to Serious SQL

      • [Tutorial] Course Outline

      • [Tutorial] Docker Installation

      • [Tutorial] SQL Environment Setup

    • 02

      Data Exploration

      • [Tutorial] Select & Sort Data

      • [Tutorial] Record Counts & Distinct Values

      • [Tutorial] Identifying Duplicate Records

      • [Tutorial] Summary Statistics

      • [Tutorial] Distribution Functions

      • [Tutorial] Summary

      • [Tutorial] Health Analytics Mini Case Study

      • [Quiz] Case Study Questions

    • 03

      Marketing Analytics Case Study

      • [Tutorial] Case Study Introduction

      • [Tutorial] Case Study Overview

      • [Tutorial] Understanding the Data

      • [Tutorial] SQL Reverse Engineering

      • [Tutorial] Introduction to Table Joins

      • [Tutorial] Joining Multiple Tables

      • [Tutorial] SQL Problem Solving

      • [Tutorial] Window Functions

      • [Tutorial] Final SQL Scripting Solution

      • Marketing Analytics Quiz

      • Optional Window Functions Quiz

    • 04

      People Analytics Case Study

      • [Tutorial] Case Study Overview

      • [Tutorial] Understanding the Data

      • [Coming Soon!] Creating Reusable Data Assets

      • [Coming Soon!] Snapshot and Historic Data

      • [Coming Soon!] Final Case Study Solution

    • 05

      Additional SQL Techniques

      • [Coming Soon!] String Transformations

      • [Coming Soon!] Date & Time Conversions

      • [Coming Soon!] Table Indexes & Optimization

      • [Coming Soon!] Data Types & Loading External Data

    • 06

      Bonus Content

      • [Coming Soon!] SQL Interview Questions

      • [Coming Soon!] SQL Case Study Assessments

      • [Coming Soon!] SQL Portfolio Projects

      • [Tutorial] Linux Command Line Crash Course

      • [Tutorial] GitHub Crash Course

      • [Coming Soon!] Personal Branding Tips